Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Help Is Available - Will You Ask?

We can help with communication strategies.
Speiro is reaching out!
A recent advertisement for a preaching minister position reads as follows:

We seek a leader with a compassionate, engaging preaching/teaching style. You must have excellent people skills and be able to apply loving accountability; a desire to fulfill the Great Commission in accordance with the Bible; and a willingness to live in our extreme climate. Responsibilities include partnering with the leadership in developing our strategic plan for the church as a whole, and forming a strategic plan and budget for the Outreach Ministry to help achieve the church’s vision. Candidates should have five to ten years preaching experience in a larger church and a willingness to develop and train a preaching team to assist. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound a plus.

I guess it is a good thing they realize, based on the last sentence, the job description is completely unrealistic. These unrealistic expectations usually continue throughout a minister's tenure with pressure to perform job duties that they have no training in, no God given talent for and precious little desire to perform. And unfortunately the smaller the church and the fewer the resources, the more pressure there can be to preach, teach, instruct, love, train, hold people accountable, write newsletters, update the website, perform funerals and weddings, make hospital visits, talk to visitors, deal with complaints, find new praise team members and most importantly plunge toilets. Click to Read More

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