Monday, November 10, 2014

Speiro - Reaching Your Community with Techology

When contacting church leaders to do research, we recently spoke to a pastor at a large Midwestern Christian Church and discussed the need for our services. He said that marketing and social media are desperately needed. But, he went on to say that at the Christian conferences he has attended, they were usually long on advice but short on information the local church could use to implement a plan. In the breakout sessions about reaching into the community the discussion leaders always say, "You have to have a website, engage in social media and have a plan to use current technology to tell others about Jesus Christ and your church."

The problem is that many of the seminar leaders are long on advice on what to do, but rarely understand the nuts and bolts of accomplishing what is needed especially in the medium and small sized churches. These churches have limited resources, limited staff and no real training as to how to accomplish marketing goals and implement plans. Also, very few churches have a paid professional on staff that understands current technology and if they do, they are not professionals at using that technology for measurable results.

There is no doubt that there is a real need in churches today.

That dilemma for the churches is what led to the creation of Speiro Communications. Speiro comes from the Greek and means "to sow" and our guidance for our new venture comes from Matthew 13:3-9. We as Christians and by extension the local church is called to sow! But in our current culture, the church in many respects has fallen behind the technological curve and we struggle with speaking to our own communities and specifically the Millennial generation.

Speiro can help with a plan, content, web creation and assist with social media. We can help you sow seeds into your community.

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