Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Looking for a way to tell "a Better Story"

The theme this year for the North American Christian Convention is "a Better Story". It seems well suited in many respects. We need to remind ourselves that the Christian faith offers a better story and a better way of life than the way of the world. I think that all Christians know this intuitively.

However, as a person that has a background and passion for communication the "Better Story" theme can ring a bit hollow. See we know we have a great story for the world, but how do we communicate it? Every Sunday Christian Churches across North America communicate that story and some, if we are completely honest, do a better job than others.

So what will the time at the convention be dedicated to? Will it be all about the stories we know we have or will it be about how to convey those stories to a world that needs to hear the gospel more than ever. Of course it is our hope at Speiro that they spend time with both. Not necessarily the nuts and bolts of communication but the fact that assistance, especially in small and medium sized churches is available. The bigger congregations have the resources and sometimes dedicated employees for communication, but many medium and smaller churches struggle. 

Every year at NACC we see things that we think we should be doing. The week is packed with great ideas that would improve how we communicate, but that enthusiasm wanes as the reality of the work at hand becomes evident. 

If you get excited by the possibilities but discouraged as you see the possibilities beyond your expertise or time available contact us at Speiro. We are here to help you sow! 

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